Joselyn Saravia

Legal Team

  • Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala (USCG)

She has experience and practice in the area of ​​International Trade, specifically in providing advice to export companies seeking to qualify under Decree 29-89, Law for the Promotion and Development of Export and Maquila Activity, knowledge of customs legislation applicable to the clearance process of goods in customs from the regional and national multilateral scenarios, application of Free Trade Agreements, making customers aware of the advantages offered by these Treaties to improve their enterprise competitiveness.

In other Law areas, she has experience in individual real estate transactions such as leases, purchases, usufructs, mortgages; as well as in the corporate area providing advice, support, and formalization of the Incorporation of Companies, restructuring of corporate governance, management of assemblies, share transfer contracts and agreements between shareholders.

She is a responsible person with the ability to work and lead teams. She is characterized by excellent customer service, her organization, and the ease of establishing interpersonal relationships.