Ana Pamela Rodas Herrera

Legal Team

  • Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM)

In addition to her academic training as a Lawyer and Notary, she has obtained commercial and investment arbitration courses in Madrid, Spain, as well as law and technology courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has participated in the International Arbitration Competitions program and is currently supporting said program in the recruitment and coaching of teams.

She has experience and practice in the corporate and transactional area. She is currently part of the Venture Capital and Corporate team, and specializes in corporate management, Cap Table administration, stock option plans, internal resolutions, communication with clients and stakeholders. She has participated in multiple rounds of financing (Series Seed and Series A) for various clients, and locally supports various clients with contracts and corporate documents.

She is a positive, responsible person, easy to establish interpersonal relationships and seeks solutions based on her professional ethics and values ​​that govern her day to day.