We provide legal services to StartUps Corporations  Multinational Companies Family Enterprises Venture Capital Funds Non-Profits

At LegalPlus we provide legal services that adapt to the business model, phase and needs of our clients.

We are a law firm focused on business and technology

This approach has allowed us to differentiate ourselves and specialize in Venture Capital, and other specialized areas, advising companies and investors seeking to transform industries and markets through new and innovative technologies and ideas.

Practice Areas

We have developed and adopted a series of technological tools to help us all save time and money on simple and mechanical tasks, allowing us to focus on the analysis and advice that really adds value to our clients. We specialize in the following areas of legal services:

We advise both companies and investors seeking to transform industries and markets.
We combine our knowledge in finance with the correct legal structure to cause a successful operation.
Practice focused on protecting the creations of the mind.
We know the international treaties that facilitate international trade.
We help our clients to structure their estate and succession in multiple jurisdictions.
Import, export, purchase and aviation services in general in Guatemala and the United States.

Clients of
Venture Capital

We are proud to represent a large and diverse group of national and international clients, ranging from entrepreneurs starting a project to multinational companies and non-profit organizations. Some of them are:

Strategic Allies

The technology services we use differentiate us from traditional law firms and allow us to provide specialized services.